Renting assets vs. buying them – capital allocation from a private equity perspective

Despite the advantages of renting, in some places buying is more advisable. Director of Finance at FLEX Capital Thomas Mayer shares his rules of thumb for the decision “Rent vs. Buy”.

Finding the right CEO: “The topic is often approached opportunistically rather than strategically.”

In a conversation, Christoph Jost and Felix Haas from FLEX Capital share their experiences in hiring external CEOs. What is important? What are their learnings? Find the answers in the interview.

ESG guidelines for companies from an investor’s perspective

The topic of sustainability is also very important to us, and we deal with it at all times in the investment process. Senior analyst Rebecca Röller explains our assessment of the general relevance of ESG from an investor's perspective and what the consideration of ESG criteria in the investment process means for entrepreneurs.

How tech companies contribute to price stability

Technology in itself is deflationary. But how does that actually affect inflation and prices on the market?

Private Equity and Branding: The Advantages of Deal-Sourcing, Deal-Making and Fundraising

Digital brand building and private equity are two terms that were rarely used in one sentence in the past. There are still private equity funds whose website only consists of a logo and a company address. In order to convince entrepreneurs or LPs, PE funds prefer to let their investment track record speak for themselves.

Sales negotiation: What is the value of your SaaS company?

Methods for calculating your SaaS company value for the optimal preparation of sales negotiations.

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