it skill shortage expert interview

Excuse: IT skill shortage – Every company can attract the right talent

An interview with Martin Bernard - founder of and Janet Klin - Director HR and Talent Management at FLEX Capital.

Churn - deal-maker or deal-breaker

We are particularly interested in the answer to one question in the due diligence process: What happens after a few months or years to the customers that the company has worked so hard and invested so much to gain?

Private equity investors: The locust myth

The image of private equity has been bad for years. Wrongly. For companies, the advantages of this form of financing outweigh all the prejudices.

How tech companies contribute to price stability

Technology in itself is deflationary. But how does that actually affect inflation and prices on the market?

Growth through acquisitions - Part I: Buying small businesses

Acquisitions of small or micro companies as an additional growth lever are becoming more and more popular. 5 key learnings from the experiences of Christoph Jost.

Sales negotiation: What is the value of your SaaS company?

Methods for calculating your SaaS company value for the optimal preparation of sales negotiations.

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