Mental health: Hypnosis for stress management – My experience in a one day workshop for entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, I know from personal experience how burdensome stress can be in the professional environment. Despite numerous relaxation techniques, it can be challenging to withstand pressure on a continuous basis – stress tends to spread.

Alongside other entrepreneurs, I wanted to try something new and attended a hypnosis workshop for stress management led by Jane Uhlig. Jane has been working as a mental coach for over 20 years, guiding executives and top managers towards a life with greater ease.

In this article, I would like to share my experiences with you and introduce you to the benefits of this relaxation technique.

But why hypnosis in a business context?

The approach in hypnosis is to uncover behavioral patterns in the subconscious mind. In the state of hypnosis, one is much more focused and can change behavioral patterns and release blockages. The result is that in everyday life, one begins to behave differently, leading to increased composure, strength, and resilience in dealing with stress. A study I came across found that participants who underwent hypnosis sessions showed a significant reduction in stress levels and an improvement in sleep quality.

During the day workshop, Jane hypnotized us twice. Each time, we went through four phases with her:

  1. Induction: We lie comfortably on our mats as Jane explains how to relax and calm our minds. She speaks slowly and gently, and we feel ourselves gradually relaxing. We close our eyes and focus on our breath.
  2. Deepening: Jane continues to talk to us and asks us to focus on our bodies and their sensations. We feel our bodies becoming heavy and our breathing deepening. Jane guides us deeper into the hypnosis, and we sense a shift in our awareness.
  3. Suggestion: In this state of hypnosis, we receive suggestions from Jane. She talks about our goals and desires, imparting positive thoughts and beliefs. We feel our attitude towards certain things changing and our motivation to achieve our goals increasing.
  4. Return to the Normal State: Jane gently guides us back to the normal state of wakefulness and alertness. We open our eyes and feel ourselves firmly lying on our mats again. We recall the suggestions and feel them anchored in our minds. We are motivated and ready to pursue our goals.

For hypnosis to have a lasting effect, it should be repeated regularly, just like any other relaxation technique.

It’s important to emphasize that hypnosis is not a magical solution, and its effectiveness can vary from person to person. The experience also greatly depends on whether the individual is willing to engage in the process and respond to the hypnotist’s suggestions.

My personal conclusion: Hypnosis goes deeper than any other relaxation methods I have tried before. In the coming year, I will endeavor to delve even deeper into this subject.

P.S.: For those who wish to delve deeper into the topic, here are some additional resources:

  1. “Hypnose lernen: Eine Anleitung zur Selbsthypnose” by Rainer Schnell: This book provides an introduction to the principles of hypnosis and includes instructions for self-hypnosis, which can help in reducing stress and enhancing one’s ability to relax.
  2. “The Anxiety Coaches Podcast” by Gina Ryan: This podcast offers numerous tips and strategies for managing anxiety and stress, including hypnosis exercises and relaxation meditations.
  3. “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy: This book provides an introduction to the workings of the subconscious mind and describes how one can change their life through positive thoughts and affirmations.

Study: Vickers, A., Zollman, C., & Payne, D. K. (2004). Hypnosis in the treatment of stress at a university health center. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 52(2), 163-172.

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