From hidden champion to global champion

Stop playing hide and seek!

We take your tech company to the next level.

Your business is unique, so are our solutions. That’s why we’re here to support you with a hands-on team of experts.

Sustainable future

We’re the entrepreneurial partner for growing and profitable tech pioneers in German-speaking countries. Together we develop your hidden champion into a market leader or global champion.

Our investment criteria


10 – 60 million Euros

Investment focus

Bootstrapped internet and software companies


Germany, Austria
and Switzerland

Company size

5 to 50 million Euros revenue

Company value

Up to 100 million Euros

Investment structure

Majority shareholding

Your partner for business growth

Have you developed a successful and profitable business but are slowly reaching your capacity limits? FLEX Capital exists to help you achieve the next level of growth.


By reducing founders’ personal financial risks and changing the focus from operational activities to strategic leadership, new momentum is created.


With our team of operational experts and the entrepreneurial experience of our partners and investors, you’ll soon reach your next growth step.

Structural advantage

With the entry of a financial investor, a completely new market position can quickly be achieved through sufficient capital and the acquisition of other companies.

Your business succession

If you’re looking for a succession solution for your company, we can serve as a reliable partner. Our solutions are as unique as your requirements. Together we’ll find the right strategies to preserve your life’s work and promote further growth.

Individual succession solutions

Short-term succession solution

Company succession after reaching the next major growth stage

Complete realisation of company value

Partial realisation of enterprise value

Your FLEXible Solution

We offer your growing and profitable company individual investment solutions through tailored approaches. Whether you want to stay in the company or establish a new management team, we’ll support you to make it happen.

Safely in good hands

Our portfolio speaks for itself:

We call ourselves a next-generation private equity fund, not only because of our entrepreneurial background, but also because our operational capabilities set us apart from other private equity funds. In addition, we place environmental and social goals as well as responsible corporate governance (ESG criteria) at the forefront of all our actions.

FLEX is the best solution for successful tech companies

Venture Capital

Growth capital, no payout for entrepreneurs

Growth-oriented valuation

Long-term contractual commitment for founders (vesting)

High growth pressure

No interference in the corporate culture

Partners with many years of start-up experience

2-3 month process

High reporting costs with many investors

No operational

Traditional private equity


EBITDA-based valuation

Retention of entrepreneurs through complex structures (earn-out)

High pressure on EBITDA maximisation

Intervention in the corporate culture

Little prior business

6-8 month process

High reporting costs with complex structures

No operational

FLEX Capital

Payment according to
entrepreneurs' preference

Balanced consideration for evaluation

Flexibility in the retention of entrepreneurs in the company

Differentiated value enhancement approach

No interference in the corporate culture

Partners with many years of entrepreneurial experience

2-3 month process

reporting structures

In-house team of operational experts for value creation

Our partners' track record

Others talk about action, we are in motion.

Founded companies

> 200 million

Euros turnover

> 1.500




Invested companies

> 150


20 +


> 20 billion

Euro enterprise value

Erhalten Sie innerhalb von zwei Werktagen eine indikative Bewertung Ihres Unternehmens.
Wir berechnen auf dieser Basis gerne einen indikativen Wert Ihres Software- oder Tech-Unternehmens. Für eine genauere Bewertung müssen wir im zweiten Schritt weitere sensible Daten erfragen, für die wir Ihnen vorab eine Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung zukommen lassen.

*FLEX Capital ist ein Private-Equity-Buyout-Investor mit Spezialisierung auf den Softwaresektor. Wir verfügen über maßgebliche Expertise bei der Unternehmensbewertung in diesem Segment.

Get a reliable valuation of your business within 48 hours.

We are happy to calculate an indicative value of your software or tech company on this basis. For a more detailed assessment, we need to ask for further sensitive data in the second step, for which we will send you a confidentiality agreement in advance.

*FLEX Capital is a private equity buyout investor specializing in the software sector. We have significant expertise in company valuation in this segment..