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People and Organisation

In software companies, employees are the main value driver and at the same time the biggest cost factor. This is where we come in and create real added value – not against, but with the employees.

Jan Hauke Holste, Director People at FLEX Capital

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People Strategy

The employee lifecycle is the framework for our work.

The FLEXperience of our portfolio companies

What it is we are doing?
Making a difference.

Key Figure-Based Management

A good performance measurement system translates entrepreneurs’ wealth of knowledge into structured interrelationships of effects. This makes business more tangible, plannable and measurable so decision-makers can focus on the essentials.

Thomas Mayer, Director Finance at FLEX Capital

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Our Finance case studies

We don’t just give money, we give everything.

Profitable Turnover

Ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor der Hidden Champions ist der klare Fokus, ein exzellentes Produkt zu entwickeln, welches meist durch ein kleines Team erfolgreich vertrieben wird.

Prices for the product regularly result from initial customer relationships and then grow organically. This is where we come in by analyzing and optimizing the price and quantity frameworks as well as the structures and sales channels.

Christoph Jost, Managing Partner at FLEX Capital

Success stories

Your company is ready - are you?

Capital-Efficient & Inorganic Growth

Creating a group or platform from a single company through targeted acquisitions is virtually part of FLEX’s DNA. We scout the market for companies with various synergistic potentials for our future portfolio company even before an acquisition, which can have a sustainable value-enhancing effect. In addition to hard factors, we also place great importance on soft factors such as the culture and values of the company, as these have a significant impact on the success of a group.

Niklas Rudolph
Ivestment Manager at FLEX Capital
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Product & Technology Transformation

Many midsize companies that have historically developed on-premises solutions find it difficult to develop new web-based applications in the cloud. Together with our network of experts, we help our companies do things like switch from on-premises to SaaS models – both technologically and commercially.

Peter Wałeczek
Managing Partner of FLEX Capital
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Operational Excellence & Scaling

Over time, organisations tend to take certain processes and procedures for granted. We’re working with our portfolio companies to challenge the status quo. This means, among other things, more stringent processes and a greater focus on a reduced cost base in purchasing.

Peter Kautz, Director Portfolio at FLEX Capital

Case studies

How we create more value.

Sustainable Corporate Governance

One of our fundamental company values is to make a positive impact. The integration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria in companies has also been proven to lead to increased performance, and we enjoy helping our portfolio companies benefit from this.

Peter Waleczek, Managing Partner of FLEX Capital

FLEX Capital

Responsibility Framework

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Sustainable success matter to us. Does it to you?

Erhalten Sie innerhalb von zwei Werktagen eine indikative Bewertung Ihres Unternehmens.
Wir berechnen auf dieser Basis gerne einen indikativen Wert Ihres Software- oder Tech-Unternehmens. Für eine genauere Bewertung müssen wir im zweiten Schritt weitere sensible Daten erfragen, für die wir Ihnen vorab eine Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung zukommen lassen.

*FLEX Capital ist ein Private-Equity-Buyout-Investor mit Spezialisierung auf den Softwaresektor. Wir verfügen über maßgebliche Expertise bei der Unternehmensbewertung in diesem Segment.

Get a reliable valuation of your business within 48 hours.

We are happy to calculate an indicative value of your software or tech company on this basis. For a more detailed assessment, we need to ask for further sensitive data in the second step, for which we will send you a confidentiality agreement in advance.

*FLEX Capital is a private equity buyout investor specializing in the software sector. We have significant expertise in company valuation in this segment..