Formware acquires Rasterpunkt and strengthens its leading position in Output Management.

Berlin / Nußdorf am Inn / Stuttgart, May 19, 2022.

Formware acquires Rasterpunkt and strengthens its leading position in Output Management.

Formware GmbH, RP Output Management GmbH
Output management
Nußdorf am Inn, Stuttgart
Transaction type
100% Takeover

The pioneer in the field of Output Management, Formware, has acquired Rasterpunkt (RP Output Management GmbH), a specialist in software, managed services, and consulting in the Output Management software market. Through this acquisition, Formware leverages significant synergies to further enhance its leading position.

As a pioneer in Output Management, Formware offers numerous medium-sized companies and global players the opportunity to consolidate and deliver their documents and data resulting from recurring communication processes with customers across various communication channels. For example, this includes the fully automated digital generation, delivery, and revision-secure archiving of several million invoices, contracts, orders, customer letters, and more.

With the acquisition of Rasterpunkt, Formware is now able to further expand its OMS processes and offer additional solutions along the value chain.

“We have been observing Richard and his team as active participants in the market for a long time, and we greatly appreciate what he has built. Therefore, I am looking forward to our collaboration,” says Peter Schindecker, Managing Director of Formware. “With Rasterpunkt, we are not only gaining a talented team of experts, but also benefiting from the product and industry expertise, as well as the customer network of the Output Management consultancy. The acquisition of this company is a valuable step on our path towards market leadership.”

As a leading consultancy for Output Management in Germany, Rasterpunkt possesses extensive industry knowledge in sectors such as administration, banking, insurance, utilities, and retail. In this way, Rasterpunkt serves as a crucial link in the value chain connecting customers and software partners.

“We are thrilled to have found a partner in Formware that brings extensive experience in the field of Output Management and shares the same market strategy. The discussions with Formware have revealed significant potential for collaboration for my team and our clients,” says Richard Mayer, CEO of Rasterpunkt.

Formware is part of the portfolio of private equity investor FLEX Capital, a specialist for medium-sized software and internet companies in the German-speaking region. “We are pleased to have brought together Formware and Rasterpunkt, two companies that work well together and strengthen the product portfolio in the OMS market,” says Peter Waleczek, Managing Partner of FLEX Capital.

About Rasterpunkt

Rasterpunkt was founded in 1989 in Stuttgart and serves more than 100 clients, providing comprehensive expertise, flexibility, and professional solutions in the field of Output Management consulting and services. Its customer base includes administrative companies, banking and insurance firms, utilities, as well as retail businesses. Rasterpunkt collaborates with major OMS software providers and possesses extensive industry knowledge.

About Formware

The two German medium-sized software pioneers NIC and Formware form a group of companies that offers a fully comprehensive, seamless and uncomplicated product for the automated creation and digital or postal delivery of documents. documents. Companies with high document output will be able to data from large, recurring communication processes across multiple communication communication channels and create invoices, contracts, orders, customer letters and much more, and much more can be generated, sent, and archived in a fully automated and and archive them in an audit-proof manner. In combination, the OMS Group already covers a broad and diverse and diverse range of customers, including numerous medium-sized companies as well as global players such as Airbus and the telecommunications group Telefónica.

About FLEX Capital

FLEX Capital is a private equity fund founded by successful serial entrepreneurs that invests in profitable and growing companies from the German Internet and software midmarket. Announced in early 2023, the second fund of €300 million includes a commercial structure for the first time, enabling FLEX Capital to provide operational support to portfolio companies with a purpose-built 30-person team of experts, differentiating the investor from many other private equity funds. Currently, the FLEX portfolio comprises seven business platforms. For more information, visit

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"We are delighted to have brought together Formware and Rasterpunkt, two companies that work well together and further strengthen the product portfolio in the OMS market."
Peter Waleczek
Managing Partner of FLEX Capital

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