We bring medium-sized software companies to the next level of growth

Our investment criteria:

  • Internet & Software
  • Headquarters in the DACH region
  • €5-30m in sales
  • > €1m EBITDA
  • Preferably majority holdings

We are looking for high-growth and profitable companies in German-speaking countries with a technology-based business model.

Peter Waleczek, Managing Partner

Investment Scenarios

Partner for
Business Growth

We help entrepreneurs who have developed successful and profitable companies but are slowly reaching the limit of their capacity to reach the next level of growth.

At the same time, we help entrepreneurs to realize the company value they have created and thus diversify their personal risk.

Partner for
Corporate Succession

We are a trustworthy partner for entrepreneurs looking for a succession solution.

Together with the entrepreneurs, we find suitable strategies that preserve the entrepreneur's life work and promote further growth.


We offer growing and profitable companies individual investment solutions with suitable investment approaches.

We support entrepreneurs who want to stay with the company, but we also establish new management teams.

Venture Capital

  • Growth capital,
    no pay-off for entrepreneurs
  • Growth-oriented
  • Long-term contractual relationship of the founders (vesting)
  • High pressure to grow
  • No interference with the corporate culture
  • Partner with many years of founding experience
  • 2-3 month process
  • High reporting effort with many investors

Classic Private Equity

  • 100% sale
  • EBITDA-based
  • Loyalty of entrepreneurs through complex structures (earn-out)
  • High pressure to maximize EBITDA
  • Intervention in the corporate culture
  • Little personal entrepreneurial
  • 6-8 month process
  • High reporting effort with complex structures

FLEX Capital

  • Payout according to
    entrepreneur preference
  • Balanced consideration
    for evaluation
  • Flexible when the entrepreneur remains
    in the company
  • Differentiated approach to
    increase in value
  • No interference with the
    corporate culture
  • Partner with many years of
    entrepreneurial experience
  • 2-3 month process
  • Simple reporting structures

Our responsibility towards
the environment and society

One of our core values ​​is to promote sustainability for the environment and society.

Peter Waleczek, Managing Partner

As a responsible organization, it is our goal to create value in a sustainable way. We achieve this goal by taking into account the effects of our behaviour on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Our approach: clear ESG guidelines

Our ESG guidelines are integrated into the entire investment process, from due diligence to the investment period and exit. We consider ESG issues at an early stage in our investment process by checking a potential investment against our exclusion list and carrying out an ESG analysis.

During the investment period, we actively support our portfolio companies in ESG management in order to ensure the implementation of our ESG guidelines.

As an organization, we have committed ourselves to regularly reviewing our guidelines for their effectiveness and appropriateness. ESG is an important part of the knowledge exchange between portfolio companies, our team and our network.

Our partners in climate protection

FLEX Capital supports the Leaders for Climate Action Initiative. We are continuously working on reducing our CO2 footprint. In addition, we offset our remaining emissions and are therefore a climate-neutral company.