Case study:
a SaaS champion in the niche

“We are extremely proud of what we’ve built at Egoditor together with FLEX Capital. Flex supported us from day one with a broad network and profound entrepreneurial expertise in our further growth. We are grateful to have chosen to go on this journey together and are now excited to integrate our QR code platform with Bitly.”

Nils Engelking, Nils Drescher
Founders & Co-CEOs of Egoditor

Egoditor GmbH

Initial Investment: 2019 | Status: exited

Key successes

In 2 years, FLEX and the founders have developed Egoditor from the hidden champion from Bielefeld to the global market leader for QR software.

Increase in sales by 250%

Increase in EBITDA by 340%

Improvement of customer churn rate
by more than 50%


Marketing software



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Exit in 2021

Egoditor is the leading provider of dynamic QR codes and marketing campaign analytics solutions, with over 300,000 customers from 190 countries.

Its software enables customers to create dynamic QR codes of their own design and manage them centrally in one place. With dynamic QR codes, the underlying information (e.g. a link to a website) can be changed at any time without having to adjust the QR code itself. The analytics software can be used to evaluate scan data, including how often, when, where and with which device the code was scanned.

The areas of application of QR codes are almost limitless: from printing on food packaging (linking to further information on the origin of ingredients) to table displays in restaurants (calling up the menu or linking to a review page such as Trustpilot), to printing on business cards (direct storage of contact details in digital form).

Supported from FLEX by:

  • Expansion of management teams to relieve the management and support in the recruitment of executives in key positions, including Chief Financial Officer, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Vice President Product and Director Business Operations
  • Acquisition of a direct competitor from approach to contract negotiation
  • Analysis of churn rates and implementation of best practice measures to increase customer loyalty rates
  • Development of comprehensive systems and control elements to strengthen corporate governance and reporting
  • Changeover to a new payment provider to support additional currencies