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Christoph Jost
"We love bootstrapped companies"

In the interview with Alexander Hüsing, editor-in-chief of, Christoph Jost, who founded the company Absolventa in the past, talks about bootstrapping, scaling, strong founders, his path from founder to venture capitalist, the studiVZ- exit and setbacks as a young entrepreneur.


Private Equity Funcast - Software Buyouts in Germany

Devin Mathews sits down with Christoph Jost and Peter Waleczek to discuss their process of raising their first fund, what they look for in a deal, how they source companies, and what they do with them after the acquisition. They also talk about the similarities and differences between the US and German tech buyout market.

Founders Golf Cup

Founders Golf Cup 2021

Congratulations on winning the 1st place Rebecca Röller! Thank you Albert Schwarzmeier and Tim Keding for this great event. It was a pleasure to be able to support.

FLEX Capital acquires majority stake in Nitrado (marbis GmbH)

We are very pleased about an attractive new addition to the FLEX portfolio: Nitrado, a leading global provider of game hosting and server software.

Business Insider: Egoditor sells its QR codes from Bielefeld worldwide to Apple, Bosch, Netflix and Co.

An article about our portfolio company Egoditor.

FLEX Capital invests in tech pioneers from German medium-sized companies

German medium-sized companies program first-class software, but are facing structural growth limits. That is why six entrepreneurs have now set up a fund of 120 million euros.

Handelsblatt: Investors are looking for future technologies in medium-sized companies

Investors from the start-up scene are increasingly venturing into the private equity segment. Many also invest in established medium-sized companies.

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